Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For Conqera

Conqera is committed to respecting the privacy of users This Privacy Policy can tell you (1) what data is collected when you visit our site or when you send us an email, and (2) how that data is used.

Web Server Logs

When you visit the site, our web server may record the subsequent data in its server log:

  • your Internet Protocol (IP) Address,
  • your username (if you have been logged in as a registered user),
  • the URLs you have requested to access,
  • the dates and methods of requests,
  • the status code of your requests
  • URLs of pages that referred you to the website,
  • the number of bytes transferred, and
  • your platform of your operating system and web browser

Web server logs are maintained on a temporary basis, throughout which time their content is accessible to site administrators, and then deleted completely from our systems. Unless required by legal process, we do not link IP addresses to any personally recognizable information. This means that user sessions will be tracked by IP address, but a user’s identity will stay anonymous.

In addition, we normally do not disclose to third parties Site usage by individual IP addresses, but we may do so in very restricted circumstances when obliging with law or legal process, working with consultants helping us with fixing or improving the site, or observing and raising the security of our network.

User Registration

Conqera has adopted a user registration option for visitors who want to post content to the website or have access to registration-only pages. To get a user registration, you must submit your first name, last name, and email address to Conqera, along with a username and password that you create for user authentication purposes. The website will publish your first and last name alongside any content that you post.

Google Analytics

Conqera uses Google Analytics software package to perform website usage analytics. Google Analytics collects anonymous data from users to assist Conqeratrack website usage and referrals from different websites. These data are used primarily to optimize the website experience for our visitors,however we may use the data as well to help us in developing marketing plans for the site.

Information collected and processed by Google Analytics includes the user’s IP address, network location, and geographic location. Google Analytics acquires all its which we provide hyperlinks or have access to. Please visit the relevant websites to review their privacy policies.

Data Security

We have in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to protect the data we collect online. However, as effective as these methods are, no security system is impenetrable. We cannot completely guarantee the security of our database, nor can we guarantee that the data you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet.

Notification of Changes in the Privacy Policy

We will review our security measures and Privacy Policy on a periodic basis, and we may modify our policies when necessary. We may also change or update our Privacy Policy if we add new services or features. If any changes are made, we will make theappropriate amendments to this policy and post them at the website. We urge you to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

data directly from the user, by installing a cookie (see below) on the user’s computer. The website does not share any data it collects with Google, and Google Analytics does not collect any personally distinctivedata such as names, contact information, social security numbers or monetary data. Consequently, we tend not to use any information acquired by Google Analytics to contact you directly.


Cookies are distinctive bits of computer data that many websites will transfer to your computer the first time that you visit. Cookies are stored on your hard drive and may be later accessed by the website to trace prior usage. As noted above, Google Analytics will install a cookie on the hard drives of website visitors


We will only record your email address if you send us a message or submit it to us as part of the process of user registration. We use your email address only for the purpose for which you have provided it — i.e., to respond to a message from you or to communicate with you regarding your user account.

When you submit your email address to the Site during registration, Conqerawill ask you whether you want to receive announcements from the site by email in specified time intervals. Accepting emailed announcements is completely in your hands and not a condition of registration, and you may change your email settings at any time to subscribe or “unsubscribe” to these mailings.

Any feedback sent to us through email using our “Contact Us” button will be used for site performance evaluation only.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We will not sell, lend, or disclose to third parties any information collected from visitors, except as disclosed in this Privacy Policy or in the event we are required by law to do so. We may disclose information to employees, consultants and agents who have a legitimate urge to know the information for the purpose of fixing or improving the website and monitoring and improving the security of our network. We also reserve the right to disclose this data when special circumstances call for it, such as when disclosure is required by law or court order or when disclosure is, in our sole discretion, necessary to protect our legal rights, including intellectual property rights.

Other Websites

This website may contain links to other web resources, including websites of organizations other than Conqeraand third-party vendors that conduct sales transactions on behalf of Conqera. The websites of our advertisers, vendors, and other websites to which the website links may also collect user-identifying information directly from you once you proceed to browse those sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of our advertisers, sponsors, vendors or other sites or businesses to