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ConQera is a new gen search engine for the aspiring citizen who is seeking information regarding the latest courses, examination and colleges. ConQera provides a detailed analysis and all the relevant data on all the above mentioned categories.

We also aim to simplify the complete process of getting placed in a reputed college by providing you all the necessary intel required for the process. There are innumerable career choices and a multitude of education institutes to apply from. One can even find out the top recruiters on the campus and number of students selected by them!


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  • April

Discussion on new syllabus

at 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm 25 Newyork City

There will be an active discussion on the pros and cons of the newly approved syllabus

  • 2
  • April

Admissions for PG

at 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm 25 Newyork City

The PG admissions have begun and we would have to explain all the necessities of the same

  • 3
  • April

Exam Time Table for M.Tech

at 5.00 pm - 7.30 pm 25 Newyork City

Steps need to be taken to work around the standing time table of the M.Tech students


The definition of ‘top’ is too generalized but the highest rate of placement is from College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET).
The first preference by all young inspiring IIT graduates is IIT, Kanpur
CET offers an excellent B. Arch course and Trivandrum also has a dedicated architecture college known as CAT (College of Architecture, Trivandrum)
With the new regulations that have come in the KTU, a B.Tech holder holds a significant promise with respect to job employment
There are several examinations that can get you into the airport authority and each with its own qualification criteria and syllabus

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